European Physical Theatre Practice

Ivor Houlker's series of workshops on European Physical Theatre Practice in Hong Kong, which started on the 6th May 2014. The workshop ran every Tuesday evening for two months (8pm-10.30pm). The workshops were held at Wedraman studios in San Po Kong - there's more information at the Wedraman website (in Chinese).

About the course

“Physical theatre” is a contemporary performance genre in which the performer’s body becomes the main medium of communication. This approach developed out of a revolutionary re-evaluation of the theatrical form, and intensive investigation into the expressive potential of the actor’s body, advanced by the likes of Grotowski and Barba.

Led by a theatre professional from London, these workshops will introduce key theatre practitioners who have changed the landscape of European Theatre in the 20th century, and explore their techniques and ideas. (For example: Jerzy Grotowski, Eugenio Barba, Tadeusz Kantor, Gardzienice)

Through exercises and explorations into movement, musicality and ensemble performance, participants will come to understand more about their own body, and develop a broad understanding of movement techniques and physical theatre devising methods. Participants will be encouraged to discuss their own artistic practice with the tutor, and to develop their work in response to the techniques encountered.

Course content

  • Expressivity of the body – working with the body and voice together, exploring the performer's potential (Grotowski)
  • Understanding the body – developing bodily awareness, becoming more free and more fluent(Feldenkrais)
  • Rhythm and Body – finding the relationship between these two, searching for the musicality in movement. (Gardzienice / Eugenio Barba)
  • Ensemble performance devising – exploring outside the traditional theatre structure, finding new forms of collaboration and devising methodologies.
Main TeacherIvor Houlker
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Map,  We Draman Black Box Theatre, 3/F, Cheong Tai Industrial Building, Tai Yau St, San Po Kong,
We Draman Black Box Theatre
3/F, Cheong Tai Industrial Building, Tai Yau St, San Po Kong