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We Still DanceIn a changing city landscape, what’s left to discover?

City life is hectic. Every day, we rush from point A to point B without even pausing to look up. When did you last enjoy a slow walk, relishing every step and looking at every brick, noticing what lies beneath the city’s glitzy exterior?

Local art tech pioneers, Rooftop Productions, take you on a journey through Tsuen Wan with their app specifically devised for the district—Hong Kong’s first satellite town—traversing both time and space. Audio guides dig into fascinating details about urban development, retelling stories of the past. Dancers appear in the app as virtual guides, leading you to unexpected corners.

Discover a renewed relationship with the city as we uncover the hidden networks beneath the familiar surface, revealing the changing face of the neighbourhood through the decades.

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We Still Dance

Discover a renewed relationship with the city through our app.

Welcome to We Still Dance. This app allows you to discover lost pieces of Hong Kong and its history, but you will have to walk around the streets to find them. There are currently several areas in Tsuen Wan that you can explore. Use this app to scan QR codes as you walk through the streets, to see what we have hidden there. 
We Still Dance is finished for now. We will continue working hard towards future developments.
DirectorsMichelle Li, Ivor Houlker
WriterMichelle Li
App Designer and ProgrammerIvor Houlker
Sound Arts and DesignLau Hiu Kong, Lawrence
Main Dance CollaboratorIvy Tsui
Dance Rehearsal MasterJennifer Mok
Collaborating DancersChan Xiyong, Andrew, Cheung Tsz Kwan, New Y-Kid, Lokin So, Fiona Zhou
Dance Video ProductionPolygon Lab
Promotion PhotographerIvor Houlker
Acknowledgement: Leisure and Cultural Services Department
  • This is a free programme. Please bring your own smartphone (with sufficient charge and data service) along with headphones, and download the mobile app via App Store/Google Play before you embark on your journey.





Friday, 19 November 2021 at 00:00
Map, Tsuen Wan, Tsuen Wan in all the places indicated in the app
Tsuen Wan
Tsuen Wan in all the places indicated in the app