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What new forms of experience are possible by integrating arts and technology?

We are looking for participants/observers to test our new online interactive performance platform!

Presence is a new online platform created by Rooftop Productions and HK multimedia artist Kenny Wong Chi-chuen. The platform allows remote participants to navigate a real physical space, and interact with performers by means of a remotely operated vehicle which functions as their avatar. For the best experience, please prepare a desktop or laptop computer with a stable WiFi connection and a pair of headphones/earphones.

You can choose to join as:

  1. Participant: You have control of an ROV; you choose what to see and where to go.
  2. Observer: Not able to control anything in the space as of yet, but you can see the perspectives of all the different participants.

If you are interested, leave a comment or PM us and we’ll send you the form.

ProgrammerIvor Houlker
ProducerMichelle Li
MechatronicsKenny Wong Chi-chuen
Video DesignerChan Tsz Ho
PerformersMichelle Li, Arisa Yasaratne
Project AssistantOwen Hui
Special thanks: Canaan Moving Co. Ltd., Phoenix CheungThanks: Puma@Artocrite (for being there), Joyce Cheung@Music Lab (for allowing us to use her music from Set Loose)

Venue: Online