The Furies Variations

The Furies Variations


07/12/2018 — 09/12/2018

By what principles can we judge, in order that we continue to choose justice, rather than the worst injustice? – Plato (Republic)

The Furies/Eumenides/Justice/Rule of Law/Ethics/Oresteia…

The Furies, vengeful goddesses of Ancient greek mythology, are born from the blood of Uranus. Their role is to pursue wrongdoers and take revenge upon them. However, in the Oresteia, they are given a new role by Athena: to enforce the new judiciary system established by the people of Athens, and enforce it with due process rather than simply taking revenge. They are given the title of ‘Eumenides’ or ‘The Kindly Ones,’ to acknowledge their new role as protectors and citizens of Athens. Aeschylus’ Oresteia not only brought mythological characters to life; it also used them to reflect and justify the contemporary political and judicial change in ancient Athens- from the rule of Kings to Democracy.

History is full of examples of those in search of justice, but today how do we define justice? Who is responsible for it? How should it be carried out? What is the role of The Furies’ in our search for justice?

Ancient Greece/Myth/Philosophy/Plato’s Republic/Intertextuality/Polyphonic Song/Live Band…

The Furies Variations takes ideas from different ancient Greek playwrights, as well as works from Plato, Confucianism, Kafka and others, using an intertextual approach to consider the the current problem of justice. Accompanied by live rock music, polyphonic singing and Bach.

Creative Team

Director/Music Director/Musician: Ivor Houlker
Producer/Director: Michelle Li
Lighting Designer: Lai Bie
Sound Designer/Musician: Sham Chung Tat
Musician: Maggie Chu
Collaborating Actors: Chan Wing Shuen, Chou Henick, Michelle Li, Lung Jes, Wong On Ting, Yau Fuk Wing

Graphic design:Alfie Leung
Photography:Ivor Houlker
Makeup:Anni Teng

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