Rooftop Productions

At Rooftop Productions we do things a little bit differently from other Hong Kong theatre companies. Because we have a lot of experience in different genres and disciplines, we’re great at bringing everything together to make something new. We are directors, designers, performers, musicians, producers, and teachers. If you’d like to know more, you can find out about who we are here.

Recent Work

Cardboard Dreams Rehearsal, Cultural Ambassador Sceme 2017

Cardboard Dreams

Cardboard Dreams is a documentary theatre piece about the elderly in Hong Kong; their individual stories, and the issues they face.

Theatre in Nature 2016

Theatre in Nature 2017

Physical theatre training in a natural environment, including sunrise yoga, sunset running, tai chi in the water, rhythm work and polyphonic song.

Lost Shoreline Hong Kong

Lost Shoreline

There is a long lost shoreline in Yau Ma Tei, which has born witness to the history of the city. We reclaimed the sea in pursuit of development. Time passed…

Not The Maids

Not The Maids

Hong Kong has nearly 350,000 foreign domestic workers. On Sundays you can see them in public squares and parks. They flew from their homes to work in another home…

Rooftop Productions Hong Kong Theatre - Song Theatre

Song Theatre Workshop

This course will introduce what song theatre is, where it has come from and how to understand its use in contemporary theatre through a practical performance-based approach.

Rooftop Productions Hong Kong Theatre - Building with Bamboo

Building with Bamboo

Michelle and Ivor are currently working on We Draman’s Building with Bamboo. The show is directed by Michelle Li, and Ivor Houlker is the movement coach/musician/actor.

Hong Kong Theatre

We really want to push the boundaries of live performance and see how we can do new things to involve the Hong Kong theatre audience more. So while we try to make things that have never been done before, we also want to introduce them in a way which can be understood and appreciated. Rooftop Productions was the first company in Hong Kong to develop its own interactive app as a part of our award-winning show The Beautiful Ones. We are also unique in Hong Kong for introducing traditional polyphonic songs in our performances and workshops.

So Why ‘Rooftop Productions’?

We noticed that rooftops in Hong Kong have a sense of being completely exposed to the elements, at the same time as being completely surrounded by the city. They can be private but also overlooked on all sides. We like these kinds of dichotomies. Because we have made work in a weird mix of different places all over the world, we’ve found that space is an inspiring motivator to create art relevant to the world around you. A lot of our best ideas start on our rooftop. Hence, Rooftop Productions.

What We Actually Do

rooftop-productions-hong-kongIf you want to find out more about the different types of services that Rooftop Productions offers, take a look at our pages in the menu on the left. You can also look at our portfolio of HK theatre production work. As well as working with adults, we often bring productions and workshops to schools and young audiences.  We offer professional workshops and teaching, such as actor training, singing, and movement. We also work on photography and videography projects related to creative arts.

Ivor and Michelle are both multidisciplinary artists who are committed to working collaboratively.  We are particularly interested to work with emerging theatre artists in Hong Kong who have an interest in contemporary performance.


We’re always open to new collaborations, so please get in touch with us if you have any projects to discuss.