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The Beautiful Ones

11/12/2015 — 20/12/2015

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Rooftop Productions presents The Beautiful Ones
From two pairs of mice, a utopian experiment devolves into a hell…
Site-specific theatre and an audio guide combine for a new and innovative theatre form.

The extinction of The Beautiful Ones…?

In the 1960s, there was a sociological experiment called the ‘mouse utopia’. The mice were put in an enclosure with no predators, unlimited food, but a limited amount of space. For a while, the mice bred peacefully. But once the mouse population reached a certain density, their behaviour started to change…

They stopped breeding, started to kill their own children, and some stopped interacting. These would only eat, groom themselves and stay isolated in their own small spaces. These were called ‘The Beautiful Ones’

We cannot escape the density of urban space and lifestyle, in this crowded lifestyle technology develops quickly, and we have stopped communicating, depending instead on the small screens of our phones to escape the reality of our cramped spaces.

Are we gradually turning into ‘The Beautiful Ones’?

Show Photos

A new theatre experience!

The show is divided into two parts, making use of both the city environment as well as a black box theatre. The show explores our living environment, its relationship to technology and the effect these have on our behaviour. The first half takes the form of a guided audio tour. The audience will need to use their mobile phones (iOS 8.0 or above / Android 4.0 or above) and headphones. They will then be invited to download our app (wifi will be provided), and it will help them through the process of following to the guide, beginning in San Po Kong’s Tai Yau Street. The second half takes place in We Draman’s black box theater, which will give the audience a chance to sit down – the performance involves physical theatre, polyphonic song and Greek myth.

Notice to audience

The audience needs to bring their own smartphone (iOS 8.0 or above / Android 4.0 or above) and headphones. Please make sure your phone is sufficiently charged. For part of the show, the audience will need to be able to stand and walk. Because of the need to walk alone in the street, this program is only suitable for audience aged 12 or over. Please note that while the audio guide is translated into Cantonese, English and Mandarin, the second half of the performance is in Cantonese only, without surtitles.

Production Team

Directors: Ivor Houlker, Michelle Li
Collaborating Performers: 2+1, Isabella Leung, Bon Tong, Ivor Houlker, Michelle Li
Lighting/projection design: Samuel Chan
Graphic design: Alfie Leung
Image makeup:Cherrie Sze-to
Venue: We Draman Black Box Theatre
Ticketing: Art-mate
Dates: 11-19/12/2015 8pm (Week days), 12-13/12, 19-20/12/2015 3pm
Part of Hong Kong People’s Fringe 2015


Ivor - The Beautiful Ones Cast

Ivor Houlker (Director/Collaborating Performer)

Ivor Houlker is a multidisciplinary performer and theatre artist, who works internationally as an actor, musician and director. He specialises in physical theatre and site-specific performances, involving live music, choral movement, multimedia projection, sound installation, and audience interaction.

Ivor’s own devised work has been shown in London, Hong Kong, Edinburgh, Brighton, Prague, Palermo, Epidaurus, Wrocław, Warsaw and Lublin. He has worked with many famous theatre groups and independent theatre artists around Europe, such as OPT Gardzienice, The Grotowski Centre, Andrzej Wełmiński (Cricot2), Mischa Twitchin (Shunt), Helen Chadwick (Song Theatre), Andrea Cusumano. Ivor’s most recent performances in Hong Kong include Superheroes Don’t Give a Sh*t!, Wild Boar, No Exit (Cantonese version) and The Sidekick Project – The Puppet Whisperers.

Michelle - The Beautiful Ones Cast

Michelle Li (Director/Collaborating Performer)

Michelle Li holds an MA in Performance Making from Goldsmiths, University of London, and BA in English Studies from the University of Hong Kong.
She has returned to Hong Kong to develop her work as a multidisciplinary theatre artist. Apart from making her own work, she is also a theatre director, performer and singer. Recent local works include: Superheros, Don’t Give A Sh*t!, The Chronicles of a Blood Merchant, Woman in Black (We Draman), Miss Rose, 13 – The Musical (Theatre Noir, HK). Her recent overseas works include: Festa Farina e Forca (Palermo, Sicily), Ch-ch-ch-changes (London, UK), Beware (Helen Chadwick Song Theatre, UK).
Recent work in Hong Kong includes The Story of Leaping Fish, Chronicles of a Blood Merchant, 13.

Bella - The Beautiful Ones Cast

Isabella Leung (Collaborating Performer)

Isabella Leung graduated from the University of Manchester with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Drama. She has been Resident Actress in Theatre Noir Foundation, where she performed in bilingual Theatre-In-Education productions, community theatre and musicals. She is also a drama educator and playwright, specialising in teaching English Drama and Musicals. Isabella’s credits include: Two Heads Are Better Than One (Pure Box Production), The Beautiful Ones (Rooftop Productions), Taking Roots (Pants Productions), Histoire du Soldat (Theatre de la Feuille), Frozen Festival Show, Horrors of the Amazon (Hong Kong Disneyland), Animal Farm, 2012-1997: Hong Kong Impressions, With Love, William Shakespeare – the musical with touring to Kaohsiung and Changsha (Theatre Noir Foundation), Hard Times (Library Theatre, Manchester UK), Do We Ever See Grace? (Contact Theatre, Manchester UK).

2+1 - The Beautiful Ones Cast

2+1 (Collaborating Performer)


參與演出包括︰香港話劇團《結婚》、讀戲劇場《好日子》、《順風‧送水》;2014香港國際綜藝合家歡《facehome》;觀塘劇團 《扭計情殺案》;影話戲《防疫禁區》、《報案人》、《我的50呎豪華生活》(重演)、《少了那藝術習作》;香港專業魔術社《超級英雄學校》;仲劇團作品《遊樂有序》、《-ship》等。憑《報案人》獲提名第二十四屆香港舞台劇獎最佳女配角(悲/正劇)。參與影視製作包括︰香港電台《性本善:愛‧別離》、《機電夢飛翔》、《上網問功課-Econ Cafe》、多部教育電視,包括中文科、科學科、常識科等。短片:Play station HK -情人節2015、SONY《Doomsday Clock》、紅十字會《捐血的理由》等。

Bon - The Beautiful Ones Cast

Bon Tong (Collaborating Performer)

2012年畢業於香港演藝學院戲劇學院,獲藝術學士(榮譽)學位,主修表演。在學期間獲埃克森美孚獎學金及匯豐銀行慈善基金 ─ 香港與內地學生交流獎學金,並於畢業時獲頒優異演員獎。

曾參與校內演出包括《書籍》、《早上的繁星》、《血還血 ─ 復仇三部曲》、《拉維妮亞的葬禮》、《魔方‧變奏》、《我要高飛》、《縛‧愛》及《老婦還鄉》等。近年的舞台劇演出包括同流《活.在香港》、杜曉彤《再見.大伙兒》、夢飛行合家歡劇團《星仔走天涯》、香港話劇團《俏紅娘》、《金魚之島》及《頂頭鎚》(重演) 、夢飛行合家歡劇團《星仔走天涯》、MFC《舒舒舒…舒伯特!》、杜曉彤《再見.大伙兒》、銘軒(打翻)表演訓練中心《蘭陵王.高長恭》、香港影視劇團《歌聲無淚2014》、唯獨舞台《DOGs》、心靈客棧《華陀六頂記》、兩口米製作《哼著對話》、焦媛實驗劇團《我的快樂時代》(三度重演) 及《江青和她的丈夫們》(香港及加拿大重演) 、春天舞台《音樂劇大家樂》(新加坡重演) 及《彩色青春A-go-go》。唐氏現為自由身演員、戲劇導師、配音員、司儀。

Process Photos

The Beautiful Ones was devised by the cast and directors, and we worked together to create the material, including the audio guide, and testing for the app. Here are some photos from our process:

The Beautiful Ones App and Support

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