South Asians in Hong Kong: Documentary Theatre

15/08/2019 — 19/08/2019

Over a hundred years ago, the British first brought people from South Asia to Hong Kong to keep the peace. Others came by commercial ship, to take advantage of new trading opportunities.

Now, South Asians make up the largest ethnic minority group in Hong Kong (apart from domestic workers), and the history of their contribution to the development of the city far outweighs their current visibility in society. Hong Kong has become an international cosmopolitan city, but the South Asians who helped create it are systematically excluded from it in the education system, the workplace, and the media.  Many have been fighting for years for their voices to be heard.

The South Asian community here has already faced the problems that all Hongkongers are now facing.  What can we learn from their experiences?

Creative Team

Director/Music Director:艾浩家 Ivor Houlker
Producer/Director:李婉晶 Michelle Li
Dramaturg:賴閃芳 Lai Sim Fong
Academic Advisor:梁旭明教授 Prof. Lisa Leung
Lighting Designer:歐陽翰奇 Au Yeung Hon Ki
Videographer:陳梓灝 Chan Tsz Ho
Collaborating Actors:巫加沙 Mohammad Kashif Ali/ Basnet Tusar/ 李里莎 Arisa Yasaratne/ 李婉晶 Michelle Li/ 吳景隆 Ng King Lung
Assistant Producer:簡淑梅 Chan Myae Mon Mon
Graphic Designer:梁澤宇 Alfie Leung
Promotion Photographer:Ivor Houlker


Testimony Interview on RTHK’s The Saturday Squad
Testimony in Standnews

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