Not The Maids

Not The Maids

Behind a monthly salary of $4310, she is much more...

11/08/2017 — 13/08/2017

Hong Kong has nearly 350,000 foreign domestic workers. On Sundays you can see them in public squares and parks; a street view unique to this city. These ‘maids’ flew from their homes to work in another home. Each week they work for six days performing household chores, taking care of children and the elderly. For one day a week, they are guitarists, photographers, rugby players… themselves.

‘Maid’, ‘Helper’, ‘Foreign Domestic Worker’… Apart from these names, how much do we really understand ‘them’?

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Ivor Houlker, Michelle Li
Collaborating performers
Karen C. Siu, Isabella Leung, Michelle Li, Russell Terre Aranza
Lighting designer
Bie Lai
Stage management
Ray Wong

In English and Cantonese, surtitled in both languages

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