The Puppet Whisperers Rehearsal, 21st May

Rehearsals for Puppetry Show

Michelle and Ivor have begun rehearsing for the puppetry show being created by The Sidekick Project – a continuation of the Traditional Chinese Puppetry they’ve been studying with Master Wong Fai. The show’s name hasn’t been announced yet, but it will be performed at APA drama theatre on the following dates:

7/18,19:15:00, 7/17-19 : 19:45
7/17: 15:00; 7/18,19: 11:00

Update: The show’s name has been announced, which is The Puppet Whisperers – 偶偶細語 in Chinese.

Rehearsal Photos

We’re posting these rehearsal photos from last week with the kind permission of The Sidekick Project (中國偶戲在香港).

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