We offer videography services for promotional purposes, actors’ showreels and tapes, show and rehearsal videography and documentation. We also create videos for use and projection in performances. Get in touch with us to propose a project or request a quote.

Videography Portfolio

Buttons Videography

Short Film, Buttons

Buttons was a collaboration with Leah Georges and Oli Theobald, for a brief to make a one minute video. It’s based on a Rob Ryan tile: “Last night while you were asleep I took all the

In the Zone of Stones

This is a video of what was originally a theatre performance created by Mischa Twitchin and performed by Penny Francis. We shot it with two cameras and both are shown simultaneously in a double-width

Previous work by Ivor Houlker (our principle videographer) can be found at Ivor Houlker Photography.

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