The Puppet Whisperers (偶偶細語) Rehearsal 24th June

Rehearsal Photos: The Puppet Whisperers

Rehearsals for The Puppet Whisperers are progressing well, and we’re getting ready for the performance next month. These are some rehearsal photos – a mix of photos taken by Ivor and Sukii (hover over to check the photos of Ivor are not taken by Ivor). Scroll down if you’d like to see more of them: Ivor’s Photos and Sukii’s Photos.

The performers pictured are: Yan Chan, Ivor Houlker, Lifi Lau, Michelle Li, Pui-shan Shiu, Doobie Tsui, King-ho Wong, Janet Wong, Yuk-tak Wong

If you’d like to come to the show, please join the Puppet Whisperers event page on facebook:

LI Yuen Jing and Ivor Houlker are both performing in this – please have a look at the event page for details. We’ll post some more rehearsal photos soon…
Posted by Rooftop Productions on Friday, 26 June 2015

There are also more show details in our earlier post announcing the show: The Puppet Whisperers

And here are a whole bunch of photos that you probably don’t particularly need to look at unless you’re in them, but feel free anyway.

Ivor’s Photos

Sukii’s Photos

Compiled and edited by Ivor

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