Superheroes Don’t Give a Sh*t!

Superheroes Don’t Give a Shit! 《超能人廢能事》 was created as a devised collaborative piece with We Draman’s actors and students and co-directed by Ivor Houlker and Michelle Li on behalf of We Draman. We began with workshops in site-specific and devised ways of working, going on to create material and refine it into a show. Our starting point was the title, and the idea of everyday heroism. The result was an entirely original piece using all of the different spaces in We Draman’s studios, including the foyer and kitchen areas. This show was performed from 9th-19th October 2014.


The show was reviewed in English by Meaghan McGurgan for HKLED: Superheroes Don’t Give a Shit!.

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For a discussion of technology used in Superheroes, go to the article on Ivor Houlker’s website.

Festa Farina e Forca

Festa Farina e Forca was a site-specific promenade piece in and around a group of old aircraft hangars in Palermo’s Cantieri Culturali alla Zisa, created and directed by rooftop directors Ivor Houlker and Michelle Li, with local musicians/performers. The performance was based on the structure of the local feast of Santa Rosalia, referencing local culture and events, before finally asking what the audience would do for their city. The performance ended in a large outdoor banquet for audience and cast to eat and talk together.

Ch-ch-ch-changes (London 2013)

24/06/2013 — 27/06/2013

Ch-ch-ch-changes was performed in the gardens at Goldsmiths College on 24th-27th June 2013. The performance was conceived, devised and performed by Ivor Houlker, Michelle Li, Jeanelle Archer and Henrik Oppermann. The performance tackles issues around colonialism, via the conceit of sea creatures who are colonising the land. This takes the form of a site-specific promenade piece in which the audience interacts with performers and gets a vote which influences the ending of the show. The show includes detailed installations, music and projection.

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