Not The Maids Newspaper Review

Not The Maids Review: ‘Documentary Theatre Arts’ – by Dr Elaine K. M. Chan, Published on 11/10/2017 in the Hong Kong Economic Journal.

The Beautiful Ones, IATC

/ 這夜裡,「天台製作」的首個作品《行為淪喪》正好完成一場讓人反思人與人關係的儀式。 /

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The Beautiful Ones, 101Arts

/ 接下來的問題是,如果劇團繼續朝這個創作風格和路向走下去,不出十年,他們將會是創作具有質素的小劇場作品最重要的本地劇團之一。 /

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The Beautiful Ones, HKELD

As a whole, the show was clever and thought provoking, the performance well rehearsed, slick and very engaging – I wish I had the chance to go again and take the tour in a different group for a different view point.

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