Theatre Productions

Our theatre productions aim to be innovative and accessible. Previous productions have concentrated on site-specific and audience-interactive promenade performances.

Past Productions

Cardboard Dreams Rehearsal, Cultural Ambassador Sceme 2017

Cardboard Dreams

Cardboard Dreams is a documentary theatre piece about the elderly in Hong Kong; their individual stories, and the issues they face.

Lost Shoreline Hong Kong

Lost Shoreline

There is a long lost shoreline in Yau Ma Tei, which has born witness to the history of the city. We reclaimed the sea in pursuit of development. Time passed…

Not The Maids

Not The Maids

Hong Kong has nearly 350,000 foreign domestic workers. On Sundays you can see them in public squares and parks. They flew from their homes to work in another home…

Rooftop Productions Hong Kong Theatre - Building with Bamboo

Building with Bamboo

Michelle and Ivor are currently working on We Draman’s Building with Bamboo. The show is directed by Michelle Li, and Ivor Houlker is the movement coach/musician/actor.

Milk and Honey - Hong Kong Theatre Production

Milk and Honey

In a land flowing with milk and honey, are you satisfied? A collaborative creation by award winning artists, including songs and stories from different traditions and cultures, and live music.

A Series of Unexpected Events

Rooftop Productions is dedicated to bringing innovative ideas to schools. In this programme, we are introducing “Immersive Theatre” to deliver Global Citizenship education.

The Beautiful Ones - Rooftop Productions

The Beautiful Ones

Inspired by the ‘mouse utopia’ experiments of the 1960s, The Beautiful Ones moves from site-specific theatre using an audio guide and innovative phone app, to a physical theatre performance.

The Story of Leaping Fish

The Story of Leaping Fish was directed by Michelle Li, produced by We Draman and written by Callas Cheang. “There is a legend where fish swim against the current, to the dragon gate…”

The Puppet Whisperers (偶偶細語)

The Puppet Whisperers

Puppetry Master Wong Fai, together with a new generation of performers, will present a new take on theatrical performance with puppets, integrating multimedia and modern performance styles.

Superheroes Don’t Give a Sh*t!

Superheroes Don’t Give a Shit! 《超能人廢能事》 was created as a devised collaborative piece with We Draman’s actors and students and co-directed by Ivor Houlker and Michelle Li on behalf of We Draman.

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