The Puppet Whisperers (偶偶細語)

The Puppet Whisperers

17/07/2015 — 19/07/2015

Puppetry Master Wong Fai, together with a new generation of performers, will present a new take on theatrical performance with puppets, integrating multimedia and modern performance styles in dialogue with the traditional forms of Chinese puppetry.

At APA Drama Theatre
17.07 (Fri) 7:45pm
18.07 (Sat) *3:15pm 7:45pm
19.07 (Sun) *3:15pm 7:45pm
*with post-performance talk & demonstration
Ticket Price: $150
50% off for children, full-time students, senior citizens aged 60 or above, people with disabilities and their carers.
10% off for each purchase of 10 tickets or more
Director:Wai-shek Ng
Composer/Musician: Sascia Pellegrini
Video & New Media Design Director: Tsz-kwan Ng
Set & Costume Designer: Jan Wong
Lighting Designer: ‪Psyche‬ Chui, Yong-huay Liu

Performers: Yan Chan, Ivor Houlker, Lifi Lau, Michelle Li, Pui-shan Shiu, Doobie Tsui, King-ho Wong, Janet Wong, Yuk-tak Wong

LI Yuen Jing and Ivor Houlker are both performing in this – please have a look at the event page for details. We'll post some more rehearsal photos soon…

Posted by Rooftop Productions on Friday, 26 June 2015