We specialise in all theatre-related photography, including show photography, promotional photography, and actors’ headshots. We also provide corporate headshots and other portraiture on request.

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Actors’ Headshots

Our standard actors’ headshots sessions last for one and a half hours, including both studio and outdoor location shots. You can change looks as much as you like, and we are able to advise you on how to prepare for the shoot. We provide the full selection of images on the night of the shoot via secure online transfer, with around 400 images to choose from. You are then free to choose your six favourite images in your own time. After you choose your final six and send us the selection, we’ll do the editing and send you final versions within 14 days (faster turn around available on request). Images will be edited in both colour and black and white versions for each image, and files will be sent in versions suitable for print, online, and social media use.

Actors’ Headshots Portfolio

Avery Cobb

Avery Cobb, Actor’s Headshots

Avery got in touch with us to get some headshots for MFA applications in the US. We managed to pick the only cold and wet day in the month to do it, but still managed to get a few nice outdoor shots.

Seth Leslie - Actor's Headshots

Actor’s Headshots, Seth Leslie

Seth is another Hong Kong actor leaving for LA, who I first met working on the Hong Kong run of Dunsinane at Kwai Tsing theatre. This is one of few behind the scenes shots I remembered to take…

Susana Ng - Actor's Headshots

Actor’s Headshots, Susana Ng

I first met Susana in London, and we ended up doing a headshot session in Hong Kong. Susana’s location headshots were actually shot on a rooftop!

Sophia Zhang - Actor's Headshots

Actor’s Headshots, Sophia Zhang

We took these headshots for Sophia last weekend. She was very decisive about which shots she liked, so we were able to get them all finished in a week. Here’s a sample of the images from the shoot:

Theatre Photography

Our theatre and performance photography will vary to suit the particular needs of your show, so please contact us with your specific requirements. Usually we will prefer to shoot the dress rehearsal, but this can be discussed. Generally we will provide you with ten images on the same day if possible, or the following day if the show is on late – these are to help you quickly promote the show before and during the run. These images will be selected and edited by the photographer. You will then receive a further 50-70 edited images within two weeks, as well as up to 200 unedited images for your archives. Files are all handled and archived digitally, and the transfer of the final files can be arranged online or via CD/thumb drive.

Theatre Photography Portfolio

Miss Rose at Yuen Long Theatre by Theatre Noir

Theatre Photos, Miss Rose at Yuen Long

Theatre photography from the run of Miss Rose at Yuen Long Theatre, created and produced by Theatre Noir.

13 The Musical by Theatre Noir - Theatre Photography

Theatre Photos, 13 The Musical

13 The Musical was performed at Yuen Long Theatre, and created and produced by Theatre Noir.

My Daddy Long Legs by Theatre Noir

Theatre Photos, My Daddy Long Legs

My Daddy Long Legs was created and produced by Theatre Noir, performed at Yuen Long theatre.

I'mperfect by Theatre Noir

Theatre Photos, I’mperfect

I’mperfect was created by Theatre Noir and performed at the Ngau Chi Wan Civic Centre in August 2014, and later at Yuen Long Theatre.

Theatre Promotion

Theatre promotional photos and requirements vary a lot, so please contact us with your specific ideas. We are able to accommodate a broad range of requirements, both studio and location shoots of varying scales. Take a look at our portfolio to get an idea of what we can provide.

Theatre Promotion Portfolio

Pants 1967 Theatre Promotion

Theatre Promotion, 1967

We did this series of promotional headshots for Pants Theatre, for their show 1967. The design and concept etc. were all done by Alfie Leung. I really like the shot that ended up on the poster –

Pants Sketches of 1967 Theatre Promotion

Theatre Promotion, Sketches of 1967

We did this series of promotional pineapple shots for Pants Theatre, for their show Sketches of 1967. The design and concept etc. were all done by Alfie Leung. Again, it ended up as selective colour.

Superheroes Don't Give a Shit Headshots

Theatre Promotion, Superheroes

Photos from the promotion for Superheroes Don’t Give a Sh*t! These photos were also displayed in frames at the entrance to the show, listing the characters’ names and roles.

Rooftop Productions Maze Attack Theatre Promotion

Theatre Promotion, Maze Attack

Maze Attack (迷攻) is an audience immersive piece and large scale installation work. Character designs etc. are all created by the company, with paper-folded props created with Stickyline.

Corporate Headshots

Our corporate headshots vary according to your requirements. We can provide sessions for an individual, or for a whole team – on location or in a studio. Get in touch with your requirements for a quote.

Corporate Headshots Portfolio

Blue Blanket - Corporate Photographs

Corporate Headshots, Blue Blanket

This shoot was for Blue Blanket Ltd. in the UK. We worked in outdoor locations with studio lighting, including combinations of individual portraits as well as group shots of the team.

Corporate Headshots, Custom PC

We went for a quite cinematic look with these outdoor location headshots for Custom PC magazine. There is some colour work and editing as well as location lighting.

Brian Sy, Corporate Headshots in Hong Kong by Ivor Houlker

Corporate headshots, Brian Sy

These are a few examples from our corporate headshot shoot with Brian Sy. These are all shot on location, using studio lighting to give a consistently professional look in any environment.

Previous work by Ivor Houlker (our photographer) can be found at Ivor Houlker Photography.