Physical Theatre and Polyphonic Singing in Guangzhou

We were recently invited to Guangzhou by Friends Playback Theater (同声同戏剧团), to give a three day intensive course focusing on physical theatre, incorporating voice, breath and polyphonic singing. We had a very interesting mix of participants, with people flying in from Fujian and North East China. This is our first time teaching in Mainland China, and we hope to do a lot more.
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Polyphonic Singing on TVB

Michelle was recently featured on TVB as part of their programme 東張西望, which was reporting about We Draman’s Woohoo Box Market.

This was a one-off polyphonic workshop that Michelle led during the Woohoo thing, to allow people to experience the kind of thing we do in our longer polyphonic singing courses.

Polyphonic Site-Specific Workshop

For the last class in our current series of Polyphonic Singing workshops (with Wedraman) we held the session in the nearby park in San Po Kong, working on staging polyphonic songs site-specifically.

Sidekick Project’s Rod Puppet Workshop

We’re both continuing our work as puppeteers with the Sidekick Project. Today we had a workshop outside our usual schedule, taught by 陳錦濤 (Master Chan) who specialises in this particular type of rod puppet that is the first type to be used Hong Kong, and has a long history:手托木偶. It’s different from other rod puppets, because the rods that operate the hands are inside the puppet and not visible – they attach at about 90 degrees to the hands. There is a wooden shoulder piece inside that the head fits through and gives the puppet its shape. The head is held directly in one hand, and both rods are held in the other hand (slightly crossed over). Continue reading Sidekick Project’s Rod Puppet Workshop

Polyphonic Singing Workshops

Michelle and I are co-teaching Polyphonic singing workshops (presented with We Draman). Here are some photos from today’s class (mostly of Michelle teaching because I’m the one taking the photos.)

Today’s Class

The groups are working on devising some ways to perform the songs we’ve been teaching them. Today both groups were working with a Georgian song (a version of Mirangula.)