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To.gatherInteractive online multimedia exhibition and live performance

Create your own pixel-style avatar and join to.gather for the opportunity to explore a unique, contemporary digital space. 

With the look and feel of a retro computer game, to.gather is a collaboration between Rooftop Productions (Hong Kong) and Sydenham Arts (UK), who have brought together young, multidisciplinary artists from diverse backgrounds to produce a new online virtual platform full of their original creations. 

The young artists aged 18-25 from London and Hong Kong have been paired as creative ‘pen pals’ in advance of SPARK, exploring themes of diversity and inclusion, injecting their experiences and stories into this virtual environment. Content could be a painting, a poem, a dramatic scene or multimedia work, adapted for online.  

By connecting the gaming, artistic and other creative spheres, to.gather provides a platform for young people to connect and spearhead the development of their own contemporary digital culture. 

How you can take part 

Join this exciting new digital space as a pixel-style avatar. Explore, interact and watch live snippets and scenes as they unfold. 

The exhibition space will be open for you to explore at any time between 21 and 23 October. There will also be live events at the specific times listed below, where you can interact LIVE with the young artists from the UK and Hong Kong who are creating the works in this online exhibition.

Venue: Online