Site-specific Theatre in Guangzhou

While we were in Guangzhou, we also held some site-specific theatre workshops and a seminar at a local school (Guangzhou Tianhe Changle Elementary School), at the invitation of the teachers' group of Tianhe district. We taught two example lessons for P5 students with teachers from different schools in the Tianhe district observing, as well as a seminar after lunch, introducing site-specific theatre and our previous work. This was followed by a class for the teachers to experience site-specific theatre practice themselves. We really have to thank Chun Fai, Fai Fai and Yang Yang for organizing this.

The kids were all very active and eager to participate in something new. I think they were also delighted to be working outdoors in spaces they didn't normally get to use. There were some very creative presentations, and they really took to the principles of site-specific work very naturally, noticing things about the space in incredible detail. We hope they'll be inspired to continue their interest in performance, and that they and the teachers will help spread an awareness about the potential for site-specific theatre in Guangzhou.

Map, Guangzhou Tianhe Changle Elementary School
Guangzhou Tianhe Changle Elementary School