Corporate Drama Training Workshops in Hong Kong

Corporate Drama Training Workshops in Hong Kong

We were recently asked to run a series of Christmas-themed corporate drama training workshops for the staff of a luxury retail brand. These included a full day of training concluding with participants performing a short theatre piece using an original script we prepared for the occasion, with participants acting, singing, and dancing together in the show.

After a morning of staff-led training, the participants enjoyed an afternoon of drama games, team building, trust and collaboration exercises. After this they worked with separate tutors leading them in acting, dance and singing classes.

The separate groups all got put together in the end to create the final performance. Since there wasn’t a lot of time to learn the script, we set up an autocue at the back to make it easier for them to keep looking out at the audience instead of having to look down at their scripts.

The performances were well received and the participants seemed to get a lot out of the experience.

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