Audition Notice: The Beautiful Ones and A Series of Unexpected Events

Recruitment for Collaborating Actors and Teaching Artists for Public Performance The Beautiful Ones & 2015-16 School Touring Performance A Series of Unexpected Events

The Beautiful Ones
A Series of Unexpected Events
Audition Details


Rooftop Productions was founded by Ivor Houlker and Michelle Li in 2014. We aim to develop local cutting edge artistic practice and produce works that reflect our times. In December 2015, we will be producing our first public performance The Beautiful Ones, and launching our 2015-16 School Touring Performance A Series of Unexpected Events in the spring semester of the next academic year. We are now recruiting collaborating actors and teaching artists for these two productions – all positions are paid.

The Beautiful Ones Performance Concept

In the 1960s, John B. Calhoun carried out a series of sociological experiments on mice. He put them in a large space free of predators, with unlimited food, nests and everything they needed to live and to flourish. For a time, the mice flourished and multiplied; but the space could only accomodate about 3000 mice. Once the population reached a certain number, their social structure and behaviour started to break down… They stopped reproducing, and some stopped interacting with other mice at all, only eating, sleeping and isolating themselves in their own small spaces, grooming themselves. It wasn’t long before they died out completely… these were called ‘The Beautiful Ones.’

Our lives and the environment we live in are closly related. We live in one of the most vibrant and crowded cities in the world – but with the help of technology, have we stopped interacting? Are we also responding to the increasing population density by isolating ourselves, via the small screens of our mobile phones? Are we becoming ‘The Beautiful Ones’?

The Beautiful Ones Performance Details

  • Rehearsal Period: mid Oct to Dec 2015
  • Move in and performance period: 7/12/2015 – 20/12/2015
  • Performance venue: We Draman Blackbox Theatre and the surrounding area
  • This performance is in Cantonese, with some English.
  • Collaborating actors will work a lot with physical theatre and polyphonic singing, but fluency in Cantonese is required.

A Series of Unexpected Events Performance Concept

A muppet called Jackie is going to have a pretty rough day, encountering plenty of ridiculous and problematic situations, which can only be sloved through her decisions. How will Jackie’s day turn out…?
In this project, we will lead the students to think critically and discover what their values and responsibilities are, as a ‘Global Citizen.’ Students will be actively participating in the performance, as they will have to help make Jackie’s decisions by voting, in order to affect the story’s development and ending. This performance will be a combination of storytelling, songs and different kinds of puppetry.

A Series of Unexpected Events Performance Details

  • Rehearsal Period: Dec to Jan 2015
  • Performance period: Spring Semester of 2015-16
  • This performance is in English, so fluency in English is expected.
  • Teaching Artists will also have to facilitate pre-/post- performance workshops.

Audition Details


  • Actors with professional training are preferred.
  • No less than 2 years of performing experience.
  • Teaching Artists for A Series of Unexpected Events need to have previous experience in theatre education.

The audition will take place on 25/7/2015, from 10am to 6pm, at We Draman Blackbox Theatre, you will have to be prepared for:

  • Physical theatre practice (guided) and improvisation (45 mins)
  • Polyphonic singing practice (guided) and small group singing audition (45 mins)
  • Self-prepared 1-min performance presentation with text. Applicants auditioning for A Series of Unexpected Events must present this in English.


Download Application Form
Please send the completed application form and your detailed CV to (put ‘Audition Application’ in the e-mail title) on or before 6pm 19/7/2015. Applicants who fulfil the requirements will be contacted on or before 21/7/2015 for detailed audition time and remarks. Personal Details will be confidential and will only be used for the purpose of this recruitment. If you have any questions, please call Mili on 9231 9196

You are also welcome to join our facebook event to stay updated:

Audition Time: 25 July at 10:00Contact: Michelle Li, info@rooftopproductions.hkWebsite:…

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