About Us

Rooftop Productions was founded by Ivor Houlker and Michelle Li at the end of 2014. We work in and around theatre in Hong Kong, promoting contemporary multidisciplinary ideas about theatre performance, training and multimedia.

Our Vision

  • We will give theatre back to the community, and make it accessible to everyone.
  • We will strive for artistic and educational excellence, developing local cutting edge artistic practice.
  • We will encourage cultural exchange, and make Hong Kong theatre more recognised locally and internationally.

Creative Team

Ivor Houlker

Founder and Co-Artistic Director

Ivor Houlker Actor's Headshot

Ivor Houlker is a multidisciplinary performer and theatre artist, who works internationally as an actor, musician and director. He specialises in physical theatre and site-specific performances, involving live music, choral movement, multimedia projection, sound installation, and audience interaction. Ivor also writes computer programmes/apps to make new types of interaction possible.

Ivor’s own work has been shown in London, Hong Kong, Edinburgh, Brighton, Prague, Palermo, Epidaurus, Wrocław, Warsaw and Lublin. He has worked with many famous theatre groups and independent theatre artists around Europe, such as OPT Gardzienice, The Grotowski Centre, Andrzej Wełmiński (Cricot2), Mischa Twitchin (Shunt), Helen Chadwick (Song Theatre), Andrea Cusumano.

Ivor’s movement training comes from different masters in Europe: Włodzimierz Staniewski (Gardzienice), Jerzy Grotowski, and Tadeusz Kantor. He also teaches workshops in physical theatre, actor training and polyphonic singing.

Ivor’s most recent performances in Hong Kong include, for Rooftop Productions: Lost Shoreline, Milk and Honey, A Series of Unexpected EventsThe Beautiful Ones, for We Draman: Building with BambooWild Boar, No ExitSuperheroes Don’t Give a Sh*t!, and for Sidekick Project: The Puppet Whisperers.

You can find out more on ivorhoulker.com

Michelle Li

Founder and Co-Artistic Director

Michelle Li - Actors' HeadshotsMichelle Li holds an MA in Performance Making from Goldsmiths, University of London, and BA in English Studies from the University of Hong Kong. She has returned to Hong Kong to develop her work as a multidisciplinary theatre artist. Michelle is also an experienced theatre educator, writing and facilitating different theatre arts course for schools in Hong Kong.

Apart from making her own work, she is also a theatre director, performer and singer. Recent local works include: Rooftop Productions’ Milk and Honey, A Series of Unexpected Events, The Beautiful Ones, We Draman’s Building with Bamboo, Superheroes, Don’t Give A Sh*t!, The Chronicles of a Blood Merchant, Woman in Black, Theatre Noir’s Miss Rose, 13 – The Musical.

Her recent overseas works include: Festa Farina e Forca (Palermo, Sicily), Antigone (Epidarous, Greece), Ch-ch-ch-changes (London, UK), Invisible Territories (London, UK), Making a Difference (London, UK), Beware (Helen Chadwick Song Theatre, UK).